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About Ken Clark Smooth Voiceovers

Voiceover Services

 Voiceovers have become more and more in demand. Besides cartoon movies, documentaries, radio ads, etc., you hear voice work in GPS, computer games, online assembly directions, audiobooks..... the list goes on and on. Any time you hear a voice, but don't see an actor-- that is voiceover.

With experience in narrating and producing audiobooks for Audible and Amazon and a background that not only includes public speaking, writing and drama, Ken Clark has a distinctive voice that could be just right for your voiceover needs.

Please ask for demos if you need such services. You can also find my narrated and produced audiobooks on Amazon.   Additionally, samples can be heard by selecting them below.  Feel free to contact me for further information.  A contact form is also included below for your ease.

Master of Ceremonies / Event Host

Ken Clark has hosted innumerable events with a sense of poise and humor.

He is available for events throughout the Southern California area.

Servicing the World

Although Ken Clark Smooth Voiceovers is located in the Greater Los Angeles area, with a state of the art sound studio and digital tools, service can be provided around the globe.

Sample Narration Demos

Narration Demos

Sample Commercial Demos

Sample Commercial and Not-For-Profit Demos

Sample Services

Voiceover Services

  • Radio Commercials
  • TV Commercials
  • TV Documentary Narration
  • ELearning Narration
  • Online Assembly Direction Narration
  • Videogame Voiceover
  • GPS
  • Phone Hold Audio
  • Museum Self Walking Tour Narration
  • Audiobook Narration and Production
  • Funeral Life Story Narration
  • Live Recording Available in the Greater Los Angeles Area
  • Many, Many Other Types of Projects - this is just a sampling

Background Support

  • Professional Sound Studio
  • Services Available Digitally via email
  • Editing Expertise
  • International Voiceover Services Available
  • Quick Response and Project Turnaround
  • Projects Done to Your Direction and Satisfaction

Master of Ceremonies / Event Hosting

  • Ken Clark has extensive public speaking and event-hosting experience
  • Available throughout the Southern California area
  • Great stage presence and sense of humor

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Please contact me - let me know the type of project you need voiceover assistance with and we can work together or I can simply accept your script and deliver results.

Ken Clark Smooth Voiceovers

From Greater Los Angeles, serving the world